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Aircraft dry bay fire protection


This goal was the installation of a reliable and easily maintained fire protection system, which prevents damage to the hangar structure and to the aircraft not directly involved in an initial ...

Fire Suppression Substitutes and Alternatives to Halon for ...

fires on board several ships induced a review of both equipment and fire fighting tactics. A variety of technical approaches were considered that would make possible quick evacuation of a machinery space, followed by remote actuation of the fire extinguishing system.

Bombardier Challenger 605 - Fire Protection - SmartCockpit

The fire extinguishing system delivers an extinguishing agent to protected areas of the aircraft; zone A of the engines, and the APU enclosure. ... Bombardier Challenger 605 - Fire Protection Page 1. ENGINE FIRE/OVERHEAT PROTECTION (CONT'D) ... and pressurized with dry nitrogen (600 to 625 psi).

Progress in research and application of water mist fire ...

DeSipioP, Evaluation of fine water mist for aircraft dry bay fire suppression, Proceedings of halon alternatives technical working conference, Albuquerque, NM, 1996, 2735. Google Scholar 32.

DTIC ADA528210: Aircraft Survivability: An Overview of ...

Aircraft Survivability is published three times a year by the Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office (JASPO) chartered by the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Systems Center and U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command.

Aerojet Solid Propellant and Hybrid Fire Extinguishers for ...

Aircraft Dry Bay Fire Protection Systems Autonomous Suppression of Dry Bay Fires Resulting from Ballistic Penetration of Fuel Tanks and Hydraulic Lines SPFE Performance is Equivalent To Or Better Than Conventional Halon Systems SPFEs are Fully Qualified to Military Environments (MIL-D-21625)

A Review of Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems ...

Wighus, R., "Active Fire Protection: Extinguishment of Enclosed Gas Fires with Water Sprays," SINTEF Norwegian Fire Research Laboratory, Trondheim, 1990. ... DeSipio P., "Evaluation of Fine Water Mist for Aircraft Dry Bay Fire Suppression," Proceedings: Halon

Powder Panels for Dry Bay Fire Protection - nist.gov

discharging dry chemical agents to extinguish combat-induced fires in aircraft dry bays. Powder panels lining a dry bay can provide passive, lightweight, effective fire protection against ballistic impact by releasing powder into the fire zone to inert the space before the adjoining fuel spills into the space and is ignited by incendiaries.


aircraft fire protection by the 1995 time frame. The other U.S. military services made similar policies and took similar action. As a result, the Halon Replacement Program for Aviation was ... The program was expanded in scope to meet the needs and requirements of aircraft dry bay and

Engine Fire Protection - SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Engine Fire Protection has two components, ... nose cowling of each nacelle but may also be located within the fuselage and "shared" by the engines of a twin engine aircraft or be located in a dry bay in the wing and be "shared" by the engines on that wing of a multiengine aircraft. When activated, the contents of the extinguisher bottle are ...

Aircraft Survivability: An Overview of Aircraft Fire ...

Aircraft Survivability is published three times a year by the Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office (JASPO) chartered by the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Systems Center and U.S. Navy Naval Air Systems Command. Articles in this issue include: Overview of Aircraft Fire Protection, Excellence in Survivability, Fire Modeling with the Fire Prediction ...

Test Footage Firetrace Aerospace

Test Footage Firetrace Aerospace has a long track record of successful testing at China Lake, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and Wright Patterson. The samples below are provided to prove our passive approach is effective in quickly detecting and extinguishing fires caused by energetic ballistics in aircraft dry bays.

Aircraft Fire Protection Technology Applications - sae.org

Application of the newly evolved intumescent material as a passive thermal control system to provide fire protection for remote or inaccessible dry bay regions and equipment bays is also discussed.

Shoot 'Em Up Military Aviation Air & Space Magazine

Their eventual solution: a fire protection system in which a small rocket motor floods the bays with inert gases, a system similar to that which inflates car air bags. Today, the Super Hornet and V-22 Osprey are the first aircraft to have full dry-bay fire protection.

Pages - Aircraft Protection

Dry Bay Protection. ... Accurate & Positive Response To Fire & Overheat. Aircraft Engine Fire Detection: Channel DFDS Control Unit. Aircraft Engine Fire Detection: Dual Channel DFDS Control Units. Aircraft Engine Fire Detection: Single Channel DFDS Control Card. Aircraft Unit FIREWIRE B777 Cargo Bay Extinguisher (Cargo Bay Fire Protection).

Kidde Fire Systems

Since 1917, Kidde Fire Systems has been a global leader in fire protection, protecting people, property, and processes from fire hazards. Our fire protection solutions include conventional & intelligent detection and control systems which complement a complete line of fire suppression systems.

Solid Propellant Gas Generators: An Overview and Their ...

of few milliseconds (e.g., for aircraft dry bay fire protection) to few seconds (e.g., for aircraft engine nacelle applications) by manipulating the parameters that control the combustion mechanisms. In addition, the gas generators have very extended storage and service life. However, the toxicity of some of the by-products can not be ignored.

Aircraft Survivability - Spring 2008 DSIAC

LFT&E Director Views An Overview of Aircraft Fire Protection Excellence in SurvivabilityDavid K. Legg Fire Modeling With the Fire Prediction Model ...


Aircraft dry bay and engine nacelle applications are being examined. ... A fire in a dry bay typically requires a rupture of the flammable fluid components and ... The C-I 7A fire protection system is a proven subsystem developed by McDonnell Douglas Aircraft through the C-9A, KC-IO, and various commercial programs. ...

V-22 Osprey - globalsecurity.org

Fire protection in the sponson dry bays is accomplished with the use of approximately 0.8 inches of rigid foam sandwiched between each fuel cell and the stiffeners of the forward and aft bulkhead.

Aircraft Cargo Bay Fire Extinguisher - nfpa

FAA 20 - 42C Hand Fire Extinguishers for Use in Aircraft Fire Safety Craftsman's Corner by Ben Owen Model 40-0103 Aircraft Cargo Bay Fire Extinguisher

Aircraft Fire Extinguishing Systems - SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Four types of fire extinguishing installations are found on commercial transport aircraft. Portable Extinguishers installed at specified locations in both the main cabin and the flight deck Hold fire extinguishing systems (with automatic detection) Engine fire bottle extinguishing systems (with ...

P8A Poseidon MultiMission Maritime Aircraft

The Navy completed live fire test events on an actual P-8A airframe the S-1 structural test article to assess P-8A vulnerability to ballistically-induced structural failure and sustained dry bay fire.The Navy also completed the performance verification testing of the P-8A vulnerability reduction features including OBIGGS and DBFPS.


Consider air vehicle design for redundancy, separation of critical components, fire and explosion protection, fuel management, and design hardening techniques. Consider the contributions of carried ordnance, both internal and external, to the overall vulnerability of the air vehicle.

Fire protection systems for Boeing P-8A Aircraft ...

Fire protection systems for Boeing P-8A. Hamilton Sundstrand, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., announced recently its Kidde Aerospace and Defense Unit has been selected to supply Dry Bay Fire Protection Systems for the Boeing P-8A.

CiteSeerX Boeing Military Aircraft BACKGROUND

" "Dry Bays " are the com-partments immediately adjacent to fuel tanks or other flammable fluids. They frequently contain fluid lines, control lines, electrical equipment, etc. (Figure 1). Ballistic damage to some of these bays, from hostile fire, can allow fuel to enter the bay causing fire and loss of the aircraft


What is the effectiveness of dry-bay fire suppression systems in suppressing threat induced fires (fuel, hydraulic, PAO coolant)? What is the effectiveness of dry bay fire suppression systems? Guidance: Ballistic testing of surrogate test articles, analysis, prior data Click here to enter text.