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My ten year old son has been attending after school art classes at ARTCanDo for about a year now, and he absolutely loves it!  He is a very creative, inventive, artistic, out-of-the-box kind of boy, so these classes have been a wonderful outlet for him to express himself through art.  He is always so excited to go to class and he creates the most amazing things!  It gives him a great sense of accomplishment.  I think that our area needs more activities (other than sports) for grade-schoolers to participate in locally and I feel that ARTCanDo helps fill that need.


Jackie Bruns, CPA



Finding Beverly Ann Wells was a blessing for my son Josiah.  Josiah is a very artistically, creative child whose love of art and talent for it became evident early in his life.  As a homeschooling mom, who happens to be very left brain, I did not always know how to foster this talent.  When he started taking art class with Miss Wells a couple of years ago, his mind was opened to the possibilities of artistic expression.  Whether simply drawing and painting, or sculpturing, stamping, building tree houses, or constructing Roman ruins, Miss Wells has created an environment for my son that he is eager to enter every week.  Her project ideas for the children are limitless, which for a child like Josiah who believes that life should have no limits, is a perfect situation.  Josiah, as an artistically blessed and scholastically gifted child, struggles with social interactions and tends toward shyness.  Miss Wells class gives him the opportunity to express these gifts in a way that is constructive and gives him an outlet in which he feels appreciated.

At the beginning of last summer my husband lost his job.  We had a little savings and I decided that Miss Wells Art class was important enough to Josiah that I set aside $500 and wrote a check so he could continue with classes as our income disappeared.  Josiah doesn't like to do a lot of extracurricular activites and I did not want him to lose the opportunity that art class provided for social interaction and freedom of artistic expression. 

Holly Currier, LPN


I just wanted to share that my oldest son, Jimmy, takes weekly classes from Mrs. Wells at ArtCanDo, and she is just fantastic. Jimmy has learned a great deal about all kinds of art media and has made some amazing projects.  He looks forward to art class every week.  She also has a great summer program.  I cannot recommend this highly enough!


Samantha Cerutti Wacker,
Attorney at Law