618 West 5th Street • Washington, MO 63090 (314) 706-3961 • beverlyann@artcando.org

EASY. . . The ART of Doodling

September 7th
Time: 9 to 10am

Doodle Art is fun and enjoyable. The first rule of Doodling is that there are no rules. You can do anything. You don't even need to know your end result. Doodle Art is fun and enjoyable. Shapes are a doodler's best friend. There are dozens of different shapes that can add to your drawing. The possibilities are endless in creating oodles of doodles!

Additional Info

  • Instructor: Beverly Ann Wells
  • Location: ARTCanDo Main Classroom
    618 West 5th Street, Washington, MO 63090

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