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Oil Painting

Open to Age 12 or older
Monthly sessions, three classes each; (First three Fridays or Staurdays each month)

Time: Friday afternoon 3:00- 5:00 pm,  Saturday Afternoon 1:00 - 3:00 pm.

Students will review the basic elements of the painting process, the breaking down of a composition into basic shapes. Starting with an under painting, we will study the process of “blocking in” shapes and then turning those shapes into mass and form by modeling, the rendering of the color tones, values and shape edges. There is no one right way to paint. Each painter responds differently to the materials being used and the subject that he is viewing. By breaking down and examining the process of painting, you will come to better understand your own individual style and technique. Using simple photo images and easy still life setups as a reference, we will work through some very basic exercises, breaking down the entire process into a series of basic steps and principles. You will also learn how to mix oil paint with control to achieve the proper value, tone and intensity of the color desired. This class will give you the foundation needed to get more enjoyment from future painting endeavors.

This class is designed to engage students at all skill levels in developing techniques and confidence in handling of the medium.

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